It’s About Time to Provide the Option of Online Rent Payment

Collecting Rent Online

The landlords, property managers and tenants of today expect everything to be convenient, simple and fast. It is very stressful for busy tenants to keep pace with bill payments, line up at banks, keep track and make sure they are not charged with non-sufficient funds. For this reason, it is a must to have an online payment system.

An online rent payment system will help alleviate their present payment and money transaction problems. Since tenants love using smartphone apps, most of them will be glad with this new service. It is about time to check out rent payment systems and present day property management software that incorporates online payment.

Landlords who have not yet offered online rent payment to their tenants will realize the hidden advantages behind using online payment as contributory to an automated property management system.

Making Business Stay Competitive and Cost Efficient

Due to the depreciation of client property margins and the growth of portfolios, it is a must for property managers of today to use the ideal property management digital technology so they can maintain their income. It is best to keep watch of income erosion through property management functions or make rent payment simple and almost invisible.

Cash flow disturbance and late payments are among the issues faced by landlords, property managers and investors. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Online rent payment is best for investors and property managers that have properties in different countries, cities or states.

Processing checks manually or transferring them from one bank to another can create a number of issues. It can take more time, costs and stress to go through banking time, processing periods as well as currency exchange.

Advantages for Property Managers and Tenants

  • Paying online reduces paperwork and maintenance.
  • A lot of renters prefer to pay online.
  • There are several different ways of affecting online payment.
  • Tenants are able to pay anytime using any device.
  • Once incorporated into the property management software, online payment gives a single account, wherein it is easy to view payment history.
  • It is convenient to pay via Paypal or credit cards.
  • It consolidates all types of payments.
  • It schedules recurring payments.
  • Payment processors can guarantee payments on time.
  • Through a single application, residents who share rent are able to synchronise payments.
  • Paying online has become an industry standard.
  • Payment processors deliver value added services (such as mobile apps, online, smartphone and sms) that use well-known payment methods (like Paypal, credit card, debit card and eCheck).
  • It enables tenants to pay property owners as well as split deposit straight to their account.
  • Tenants who pay on schedule can connect with the credit bureau to boost their credit standing.
  • It is easier to facilitate security deposits plus the previous month’s rent check payment.
  • Saves time for landlords/property managers since they no longer have to go to the bank.
  • It minimizes charges, arrears, payment delays and running after tenants to get payments.
  • It provides software/app interview to view payments as well as cash flow.
  • The payment status of tenants can be viewed in real time.
  • Information to be included in property owners’ reports can be relied on.
  • It makes it easier to pay utility bills and storage fees, among others, on a monthly basis.

Professional Tips On Above Ground Pool Installs

The rise in the number of homeowners looking for aesthetic and functional swimming pools without the costs or maintenance has led to the popularity of an above ground pool. These features are attractive and versatile in design making it a suitable choice of entertainment and relaxation for any shape or size of property. Professional tips advise on the reasons to install these modern structures.

In-ground pools are expensive and time consuming to install requiring weeks of construction and the additional costs of being filled. A portable pool is a modern structure erected with a 24 to 48 hour time frame making it a suitable option for installation regardless of seasonal changes. Aesthetically pleasing and customized ranges are best managed by a professional and experienced installation company.

The decision to move or temporary residence makes the portable pool an ideal choice for the property owner. Installers can assist in deconstructing the structure and assembling the parts on the new premises ensuring that you do not lose on the feature that you have purchased. The alternative swimming pool is large and extensive requiring additional expenses to have another installed at the new home.

Portable pool design is a more valuable and affordable option in comparison to concrete or fiberglass structures. The shorter period of labor and less need for major construction significantly reduce the costs associated with installs. The latest styles provide property owners with the choice of having the pool secured above ground or semi in-ground contributing to a realistic and modern feature.

The ease of installation and quick assembly are improved by simple management to keep these designs crystal clear and sparkling. To ensure structures maintain conducive water parameters requires the application of chemicals and cleaning equipment that will not have to be performed as often when compared to in-ground features. A professional company can advise on a saltwater pool eliminating the need for excessive treatments.

One is not restricted to the shape, size or depth of a pool when having a modern structure erected. Concrete or fiberglass pools are constructed according to specific requirements and longevity associated with the material often limiting buyers to the shape or styles available. Customized pools are produced by professionals including deck installs to enhance the appeal and function.

Calling on a professional and experienced installer of portable pools can provide tailored solutions to fit the entertainment and budget requirements of all consumers. Custom designs incorporating modern styles and safety structures are determined to complement the surrounding environment. A company can complete an inspection of outdoor spaces to advise on the design solutions that are most favorable for the property.

The decision to erect a portable pool can provide numerous benefits from greater cost savings and efficient construction to ease of manageability. These structures are not limited to shape or style making it a popular addition for relaxation, entertainment and improved appeal for any outdoor area. Considerations for above ground pools installation in comparison to the expense and maintenance of fiberglass or concrete pools can produce the most favorable options for all types of properties.

Your Tenants Don’t Want to Pay Their Rent Online? Try These 5 Motivation Strategies

It is important for landlords to receive rent payments in a well timed manner so it is essential for them to look for property management payment solutions so they can facilitate this goal. How can property manages increase their chances of receiving rent payments on time?

Nowadays, landlords have found an effective way to increase their revenue as well as improve their cash flow and this is by making use of an online payment portal to make lives easier for tenants and at the same time, increase the chances of landlords to receive the money due them at the right time.

However, as the saying goes, you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. It can be challenging to convince reluctant tenants who are used to traditional paying methods to make an online rental payment even if this could be the best solution.

1. Change the policy.

This may not really be a motivational tip but rather a change in policy. Some landlords adopt a new policy, that is, to pay rent by means of electronic payments. While landlords cannot force tenants to do so, when they say that this is their new policy, tenants will abide by it.

2. Reward them for using the online payment system.

When tenants are reluctant to sign up for the online payment system, landlords can try to give them a reward if they do. It can be a gift card or discount on the rent.

3. Set up a raffle for eligible tenants.

If there are several tenants, setting up a raffle will be a cost-effective choice. Those who agree to sign up for online rent payments will receive a raffle ticket and the price could be a gift certificate worth $50 to a dine- in- restaurant.

4. Remind tenants in a subtle way.

At times, a simple reminder is still effective. Landlords can mention the option to register for online rental payment on the website of the property management company in the office, via email, flyers or wherever it can be seen by the tenants.

5. Tell them directly.

Landlords can tell them straight. When they come across a resident, they can mention the advantages of making online rent payments.

The abovementioned tips will somehow encourage most of the tenants to register for online rental payments especially when they realize the advantages, which removes the load of handling check payments.

Make sure the online payment system is set-up properly

Property owners may be eager for their tenants to register for their online rent payment solution but first, they have to ensure that it offers the things that residents expect to have. Or else, they will not be convinced to sign up.

Certainly, tenants would like to have access to the online payment system 24/7 anywhere they are and at any given time they want, to adjust to their schedule.

Also, the system should be easy to navigate, use and understand. In other words, it has to be user-friendly. Another important element that can be taken into consideration is to be given the option to use the payment method they prefer so it would be convenient to set up recurring payments.

How to Start Your Own Property Business on a Shoestring Budget

Many people interested in property harbour a desire to get into the industry, to start a property business of their own, but are all too often foiled due to lack of funds, especially in these credit crunch times when buy-to-let mortgages are so difficult to obtain.

But it can be done, and the best way to begin is to start a property rentals business.

This can be achieved with very little capital.

A chap I know, let’s call him Michael, started his own property lettings business with less than fifty quid in the bank.

He had a friend whose parents died around the same time and left the house to their only son. They were divorced, separated, and both owned their own property. Sales were slow at the time and though there was no outstanding mortgage on either house, the guy was keen to see some incoming funds flowing into his account.

Michael had been considering starting a property lettings business from home for some time and saw his chance. He jumped in and offered to rent out the houses and he did just that, both being let within a month.

Always keep your eyes and ears open for unexpected opportunities and seize them when they appear.

Afterwards, he started his business proper by placing small card ads in shop windows, and asked his brother to put a poster in his shop window too, then began ringing landlords advertising properties in the local newspaper.

In his first month he gained six instructions to let property, successfully let four of them, and already he was well on his way to establishing a full-time property business.

Of course there were some people who would not deal with him because he was a one man band, trading from home. He did not have an expensive high street shop or office, and didn’t boast a backup team of highly trained and highly paid staff.

But he was able to successfully counter those points by saying that because he was only running a small business, he would be able to give a great deal of personal attention to any landlord and property he was instructed to let.

Additionally, he was able to offer his landlords VAT free fees, a big attraction to any hard pressed landlord, and there were always going to be enough of them to keep him busy, and his business growing.

You could do the same. Why not?

If you are looking to establish a property business, starting a residential letting agency is an ideal way to begin, even if you only have minimal seed capital.

Quality Concrete Grinding Services

Concrete grinding can be done in many ways. There are different tools to do so. Most common one is hand-held concrete grinder. Other advanced types may include diamond grinding cup wheels. These services are available at many cost levels ranging from $2/square foot to $11/square foot. This cost depends on grinding levels required to make the floor smooth and other decorative stuff you use.

Tips for Hiring Concrete Grinding Services

Due to technology improvements, you can easily hire home builders and contractors. Most service providers have their own websites, which makes it easier to hire them. But finding a quality service provider is not that much easy.

Here are 5 tips:

Your contractor must be able to meet deadlines. Work must be done on time. Small distractions can be ignored but do not hire a lazy person who tries to be late every time.

Make sure that you have signed a written contract with the contractor.

Also keep visiting the job site everyday.

Make sure that your concrete grinding contractor, knows what you want. If the destination is not clear; you will have to pay more money and it will take more time. Clarity in project description will result into fine work and quick results.

Concrete grinding projects are often included in home remodeling projects. But it is better that your home constructor do this job for you. When you start building a new home; ask construction company whether they will be willing to do home remodeling or renovation after one or two years? If so, it is good. You will not have to find a new constructor again and again.

Usually concrete grinding projects do not take much time because most of the work is done when your home is built. But if your home is undergoing a complete renovation, then it may take up to 15 days. Also it depends on the type of grinding work. After concrete grinding is done then you can do other floor decorative tasks.

Quality concrete grinding services can be easily found in many areas. It is better if your home builders do this job for you but there are other companies which only specialize in concrete grinding services. It is better if specialists do this job for you. Use the Google maps to search home renovation service providers in your area. Get their contact details, visit their website or make a phone call. Ask about their costs and service quality.

The company consultant should come to your home to estimate the cost. If you are satisfied, you may choose them.

Hope this helps!